Santa Boots and Accessories

    Santa boots to complete your costume from head to toe. Real Santa boots in leather or heavy duty vinyl. Great Santa Boots to give the jolly elf that final touch this Christmas. Santa Boots for St. Nicks everywhere. Santa Boots for long wear at a great price. Quality Santa Boots that will fit your budget. Santa boots in leather as well as faux leather to match your suit. Santa boots to keep the old elf warm, cozy and under budget.
    From time to time St. Nick may lose a glove or have a reindeer chew on his belt. When emergencies arise we offer year around replacement parts for all of our costume styles. And of coarse beards and wigs to keep the fuzzy fellow looking his best. There are certain occasions that may not need an elaborate costume. After all the spirit of Christmas swirls through office parties, backyard barbecues and even down ski slopes. For the festive holidays we offer economical suits that fit even the most meager of pockets. So make sure to check out our Santa Suits with a special Free Shipping Offer through the Christmas season.

Santa Boots Deluxe Pro

Full leather deluxe boot with plush cuffs. Thick plush cuffs
snap into place for easy removal and machine washing. All
leather pull-on jack boot with a PVC sole will give exellent
long wear and take a polish too. Real leather has natural
imperfections & should be oiled, polished or treated from
time to time. Small sizes usually in stock too. We no longer
have any larger sizes. There are only afew remaining in the
used vintage smaller sizes. These fit a standard calf and foot
width only, Approx. 16" tall.
No Express

Deluxe size 8 (V309) $129

Deluxe size 9.5/10 (ST44) $139

Deluxe size 10.5/11 (ST45) $139

Deluxe size 11.5/12 (ST46) $139

Santa Boots

Santa Boots

Santa Boots

Real Santa Boots in four convenient
sizes. Rental quality with side zippers
for comfort and fit. A great look at an
affordable price. Heavy duty vinyl and
long lasting construction, not the cheap
version, approx. 16" tall. No Express.

Men's Small size 8-9 (121S) $49

Men's Med. size 10-11 (121M) $49

Men's Large size 12-13 (121L) $49

Men's X. Large size 14 (121X) $49

Vinyl Santa Boots

Economy vinyl boot in three sizes. Economical
quality with side zipper. Appealing heavy vinyl
construction, rubber sole and approx. 16" tall,
standard calf and width. For costume use only,
not made for much walking. No Express.

Men's Small size 8-9 (2625S) $39

Men's Med. size 10-11 (2625M) $39

Men's Large size 12-13 (2625L) $39

Christmas Costumes

Economy Boot Tops

Economy vinyl - Economy boot tops in vinyl with light white cottony cuffs. Fine for a brief visit from St. Nick and a short christmas season.

(3640) $12

Heavy vinyl - Thicker vinyl that will last a little longer with plush cuffs abit thicker as well. A good choice for afew seasons of wear and tear.

(3599) $20

Naugahyde Boot Tops

Deluxe Naugahyde - Heavy duty naugahyde with
heavy fabric backing and thick plush cuffs. These
are our top of the line boot tops and part of our
professional Santa Suit sets. Years of use for old
St. Nick. Elastic lower stirup attached for added
support and stability.

(9969) $32

Christmas Costumes

Plush Cuffs

Plush Santa Boot Cuffs

Plush Cuffs Enhance your own boots with
a 5 1/2 inch wide white plush cuff. Wraps
around and has velcro fastening.

(9555) $13

Deluxe Plush Cuffs Enhance your own boots
with a 6 inch wide white long hair plush cuff.
Wraps around 22" and adjusts with velcro

(9666) $19

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